Introducing United Athle

UnitedAthle items

“United Athle” produces products planned in Japan by C.A.B. CLOTHING INC. and manufactures products such as T-shirts, Polo-shirts and Sweat shirts which are capable of secondary fabrication. These products are mainly made in China and South East Asia at our co-operation Factories under Japanese procedure quality control.


The 3 feature points of United Athle are as followed.

  • We think hard and produce our products earnestly with small details.
  • The qualities are checked under Japan Standard and Japan procedure.
  • Our item line ups are full of variety. From basic items up to Items which are based on the trend.


In Japanese Market, United Athle is supported by many customers. In Japan, there are various types of customers such as Apparel makers, processing companies such as Print shops, Retail stores which sell our products directly to end users without second fabrications and Internet sales companies.

All the customers above think highly of us due to the United Athle`s manufacturing with detailed check and qualities which are checked under Japanese Standard.

As United Athle`s Items are just not basic items, and focused on trend and fashionable Items, Many Apparel makers and Select shops choose our T-shirts as bases of their Print T-shirts. Also our T-shirts are used for bases of official musician T-shirts. Due to the specialties above, “United Athle” goods have been recognized as “Blank Apparel Items” which are plain apparel products.

Quality and Safety Establishment

At United Athle, we have organized Quality Control Special Department, and we have set up the quality standard with in our company and been trying to upgrade our quality.

Our goods are productized after passing Fabric Fastness Test and Function Test by third party approval organization in Japan.

Especially with our baby clothing products, we are performing the standard Formaldehyde Test. Also very small quantities of formaldehyde are existing in the air so when we deliver the baby clothing products, we put the them into plastic bags per pieces. As written above, we take care of our products.

Our main Product

5401-01 5.0oz Regular Fit T-Shirt


New Standard modeled T-shirt with High quality and stylish design

5.0oz fabric has made T-shirt’s own goodness which are smoothness and lightness come true. “It’s hard to see through”,”the matching of collar”,”it’s unlikely to fluff up”,these quality balance can only be done in 5.0oz fabric. This T-shirts can be warn stylishly in plain or printed.

5001-01 5.6oz Hi Quality T-shirt


Standard & Reasonable Model

This T-shirts have focused on the quality and the costs. The texture has to be tough but the price needs to be reasonable… This T-shirts are the answer to these requests. Also this T-shirts have 45 color and 13 size variation so it is easy to choose from.

1033-04 4.1oz T-Shirt


Standard model with Girls line

Neck line to show the beautiful décolleté and the exquisite length of sleeve to show the arms thin and long, this t-shirts is perfect for all the ladies and girls. This T-shirts has the most color and size variation for the girls T-shirts. It is the king of Girls T-shirts! It has fulfilled the functional part with the Dry function.

5148-01 5.6oz Baby Rompers


It is 100% cotton so the product is comfortable and Baby friendly.

It is easy to dress the baby as there is snap button on the shoulder and inside leg!!

5050-01 5.3oz Dry Kanoko Utility Polo Shirt


DRY×DEODORANT×UV CUT, greedy items which contains 3 elements!

This high functional Polo-shirt has Dry function, Deodorant function and UV cut function .Long lasting Comfortable feeling will promise you freshness.

Authorized dealer in foreign country


Shanghai Rainbow Wings International Trade Co., Ltd

No.66 Lujiazui Riviera,Lane 889,Jiangliu Road,Minhang District,Shanghai
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Flat K, 15/F, Houston Industrial Building,
32-40 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2645 3000
Fax: (852) 3585 6912
E-mail: sales@t-shirt.com.hk


As we do not ship our domestic inventory to overseas, we will normally ship directory from our Outsourcing Manufacturing Factory.
Therefore Standard Minimum Order Quantity for Overseas sales is around 5,000pcs per Style ( Also there is SKU Minimum 200pcs and Color Minimum 2,000pcs)
Please feel free to ask us anything you are not sure about.

Please contact us via e-mail to the email address below. *Please message us in either English or Japanese.